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Rough Rider (Hot Cowboy Nights)

Rough Rider (Hot Cowboy Nights) - Victoria Vane Rough Rider is the second book in Victoria Vanes Hot Cowboy Nights series. Unlike many series this book is truly a standalone because the author takes you back to when Janice and Dirk first met. The romance between Janice and Dirk is first and far most as it should be in a romance story and Vane does not disappoint with a great HEA ending.

As stated the author takes you back to when Janice and Dirk first met which is good in ways, but to me it just ended up being a downfall for the story because between Dirk and Janice issues and drama, it just made the story really drag.

I felt like Dirk was a bit of a hothead in book one and by the time I was done with a couple of chapters in book two, I found him not only a hothead but a true jerk. I didn’t like how he left Janice high and dry over and over again. I never read a book where one man had such drama over committing to someone. Needless to say his drama drags out through the whole book and I just didn’t care for it.

Janice has her share of drama too. Since Dirk wouldn’t have her she went with mister playboy knowing the fact he was a true playboy. I couldn’t believe how many times she let herself get hurt by Dirk, but at least she finally got her HEA with him, so I was happy for her. I did love how the author introduced Janice’s son and I was truly surprised with the mystery and thought it was all well-handled.

With all of the drama I did like how the book ended so, I gave this book a 3. Now, in reading this review you might not think I wouldn’t suggest this book, but that is not the fact, I do recommend this book to those that loves reading characters with comment issues.
My review of book one Slow Hand

To Tempt the Wolf

To Tempt the Wolf - Terry Spear To Tempt the Wolf is an enticing romance story filled with danger and mystery. I couldn’t put the book down once I started reading. I really enjoy the author’s voice and the way she goes into detail about the surroundings in the story. It’s sad but most authors don’t add small or large details in stories anymore and I really miss it.

The hero and heroine had lots of chemistry to make their romance believable and both were very likeable. I loved the mystery that came with the story and the secondary characters. My only downfall with the story was during the storm there was just too much activity. You have winds so strong they are tearing down buildings and trees and ice all over the roads by yet, the villains are still out in the weather full force trying to capture the heroine. My mind just couldn’t picture people out even driving when so much damage was being told during the storms.

If you've had this book marked to read forever like I did make sure you get to it soon. If you love danger, romance, shifters and alpha’s this story is totally worth the read.

This book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone very easy.

Slow Hand

Slow Hand - Victoria Vane A love story so captivating you'll never want it to end!

Sassy and sexy never looked so good on pages of a book before. Slow Hand is not your typical western, as a matter of fact, Vane entwined the old west with the new west and gave us a whole new contemporary romance cowboy that most romance reader would appreciate.

The story set you up with some great sexual tension right off the bat. Between Nicole’s sassiness and Wade’s cowboy coolness they grab you from page one and keep a hold of you all the way though the book. Vane adds just the right amount of bartering between these two without going overboard. You can also tell how much research she put into the book as you read about the unfolding family ranch story.

You get a good since of the surrounding in the story and you really get to know the other side characters along the way. This is an excellent start for an upcoming great series.

Romance first and far most along with a great HEA ending for the main characters and a great look into the next books characters. I highly recommend this book for any romance reader.

The Reiver

The Reiver - Jackie Barbosa Another freebie I could finish. The same old, same old problems, head-hopping and way too short to offer any character, romance, or story development. I would have rather payed and gotten a better developed book then wasted any time with this one.

The Cat, the Mill and the Murder

The Cat, the Mill and the Murder - Leann Sweeney By far, this is the best book out of this series for me. I love the detail the author took in writing about the mill and the town. I live in a town that had a mill almost like this and it too had a small village along with it. This is a great way to introduce our mill history that is now long gone since so much outsourcing and people buying so many products from other seas other than American textiles. I myself can remember a time when theses mills were still producing America jobs. Sad. Anyhow, this rundown mill created an excellent mystery and leave it to Jillian to be right in the middle of the whole process.

I loved the ghost cat in this story it added some excellent paranormal elements into the story but what really draws me to reading theses cozy mysteries is the detail the authors puts into these books, it’s like you are right there in the middle finding the bones, murder and helping the cats.

If you love cats, a murder mystery, and love this is a series for you.
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Bonded (Law of the Lycans, #0.5)

Bonded (Law of the Lycans, #0.5) - Nicky Charles This book maybe free but I took the authors suggestion about donating to a shelter and put a pledged to save a cat on my pledge 15.00 that's how much I loved the book. This is better then Tina Folsom Vampire series any day. Oh snap, I did just say that LOL.
Full review will be coming soon.

Maid for Love

Maid for Love  - Marie Force Another freebie I couldn't finish.

Dragon's Fire

Dragon's Fire - Tielle St. Clare Erotic romance with a HEA. This book doesn't offer the story-line or background on the characters as you get in the first book. Dragon's Fire is chucked full of sex which included oral with the dragon.

New Pack Order

New Pack Order - Eve Langlais

Eve Pack series are my favorites when it comes to reading erotic romance with M/F/M Ménage’s.

First off I have to say this is a series that needs to be read in order or you will be missing out on too much. I have followed this series and loved each book. I like this one but I felt like Thaddeus got more attention with Toni then Marc did. I basically felt like Marc was the third wheel in this relationship. I understand that Thaddeus was kind of the leader but he was able to explain himself more to Toni then Marc did. I know we got to know Marc in previous book but Toni has not. I just felt like that just because Toni and Marc were shifters then they should just accept each other without either one really declaring how they feel vs every time Thaddeus turned around he was declaring something to Toni even if it was a simple statement that he had feeling for her. I know I am probably picking things here, but I just wanted a more of a connection between Marc and Toni too.

I did love the way the new order was set and I felt Thaddeus, Toni and Marc did an excellent job coming together to set that order. I enjoyed the way the ashes were bought in and how strong Toni held things together.

The sex is hot, you just have to wait for it. I thought worked out of the best between these three. You get anal sex and more remember this is a M/F/M erotic romance.

This is a great action adventure addition to the series and I do believe it will be a hit with alot of readers out there. I recommend this series to anyone who love shifters and erotic romance.

Dragon's Kiss

Dragon's Kiss - Tielle St. Clare Not erotica its erotic romance. This series does have HEA endings and the story does offer some plot but beware its full of sex. The second book to this series offers readers a taste of what kind of sex the dragon really likes so beware you will get into some really kinky stuff.

Camille's Capture

Camille's Capture - Evanne Lorraine
Camille’s Capture is a hot Erotic Romance that will leave you panting for more.

It’s amazing to me how many readers has this labeled erotica because it not. Camille Capture has a plot and romance with a Happy Ever After, so it’s Erotic Romance. I loved the story behind Camille is a breeder but she fails to get pregnant after several tries on Earth so she is set to a different planet to find warriors. I enjoyed the back story about
3 1/2
Aegis and how he deals with the issue of his best friend truing to be his lover.

You’ll find some very hot M/M/F and M/F/M sex. Both males goes both ways so there is something for every erotic story lover. Beware if you don’t like anal sex because there is lots of it. I have to give the author kudos she as has a very good imagination, the way she describes the Aegis as a demon is very vivid. I will say this he is built for sex;)

The downside for me was Camille is a virgin and to be able to take on these guys without more preparation just wasn’t believable. At first she didn’t want to stay with them and this lasted for a while then all all the sudden it wasn’t a problem for her to be with them and she was even helping them stay together. I don’t mind that the sudden change but I like to know why the character changes suddenly.

I recommend this one to those that loves a good hot sci-fi adventure.
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Wolf Hunger

Wolf Hunger - Ella J. Phoenix If you love the later BDB books then you’ll love this series. I enjoy the characters and the paranormal elements, but I tend to me more of a Romance main focus reader, meaning. I like for the hero and heroine to be the main focus of the story not the side characters and story first, but there are some readers that like the focus of all kinds of characters like in the later BDB books. These books reminds me of more Urban Fantasy then romance because you don’t have the main focus on romance nor on the main couple.

I really hate to sound picky but I read Zoricah and Tardieh story in the first book and loved it, I didn’t like them coming back and having their story told more in-depth. I wanted to read about Rafe and Yara. I know their story entwined some but there was too much depth for Z and Tardieh. Then there was the villains POV which was great but you also got a lot info on Dyam, Naiah and more, so this made for quite a bit of different POV’s going on. I do have to hand it to the author at least she kepts them separate and they all focused on the story at hand, so there is nothing crazy like head-hopping which is great for the readers. The reason why I’m rating this a 3, as a romance reviewer I have to look at the main focus on the main romance because it comes first.

Now, since there is focus on quite a few characters that took away from reading Rafe and Yara background. You get to read a little about and them, but it wasn’t enough for me to really get to know them more. By the time they finally got together the book was over. Shame too because I really liked Rafe and I wanted to know more of Yara powers and how she could work them. I wanted to know why these two connected and what really drawled them together. There had to be something more than just the, oh I want you. I could feel their pull but just wanted to know why a wolf was drawn to a shifter that is also water witch and cursed.
The story is very fast pace and you get some really good paranormal element, then you also get some really good lines like this one.

“Rafe couldn’t story his mind from bowling over. They were the opposite of each other- one was panther, one wolf, one feline, one canine, one black, the other white, but Rafe had never felt so close to another imam before…”

If you like the idea of reading a book with some hot sex and you don’t have to have the main romance focus then please give this series a try, this author is very talented.

Dark Fire

Dark Fire - Christine Feehan I started this series a few years back and quit them and now I remember why. Repetition!!! The hero and heroine are just a like, just different names, jobs or way of life but so many other features are the same. Same over baring hero that has to have his way or bust. Don’t get me wrong some hero’s is made to be dominate but not every freaking book in the same series. Readers needs fresh not just another cookie cutter.

The heroine Tempest is also similar to past heroines. She wants him for a few minutes then she is ready to high tail it out of there. Then there is the typical, after they have sex she wants to get away from him, oh but wait, he wants sex again, so she’ll leave after another quickie. Oh wait, how can I forget about the whole "You're not going to dominate me bit each one of these heroines screams thought the whole book. A big WHATEVER. The only thing good about this book is Tempest abilities.

Another thing I didn't realize when I read this series before was the head-hopping. OMG… In one chapter I would read several different characters POV’s it was so confusing and it took me longer to read. The chapter would stat out in Tempest POV then all the sudden without a break in comes Darius breaking in and telling his POV and I would read his POV for a bit and before you know it his sister cut in with her POV, again with no breaks. Then we might come back to Tempest POV before the end of the chapter or hey, maybe not it might be another character. GRRR.

Well, I can say for sure this is my last book I will read by Christine Feehand. I’m glad this is was library rental.

I know this series has very high ratings, I just can't figure out why. Maybe I am getting way to picky but repetition in series sucks for me.

Ghostly Paws

Ghostly Paws - Leighann Dobbs Dear Leighann Dobbs

I bought your book Ghostly Paws and I wanted to tell you how much I loved it. As a reviewer I tend to try to make a point to readers in hopes to get their attention and this time I want to point out to readers that authors loves it when fans drops a few lines to tell them how much they loved their book. So, this note and somewhat quick review (Oh yeah, I still have to do a quick review for them. LOL) will seem a bit odd, so please over look that tiny reviewing part.

I am friends with author Mary Kennedy and she posted this book on her Facebook. Me being a cat, mystery, and paranormal lover I just had to buy it and I have to say I loved it so much I read it in no time. I fell in love with the setting, story and the mystery. You did great job writing the middle age character Wilhelmina and the whole paranormal aspects of the story with the added with all of the cats that is still in progress. I have to admit this was the first time I have ever read a book with a POV from a cat and I loved it. I especially loved the name of the cat Pandora, but again I could be partial to that name because one of my cats name is Pandora ;) Anyhoo, back to the story, oh yeah, I can’t forget about mentioning the sheriff Striker, Oh my, he is a hot one and I hope we continue to read more about him and Willa together in the next installment.

I really enjoyed the mystery and the way Willa was always in the way trying to help solve the murder. I also enjoyed how you added the feral cats, I hope this little message will encourage some to help the feral cat population in their area. I myself trapped 5 feral cats this year and took them to get them fixed. I cat wait to see how you grow this cat colony and how they are going to help with the paranormal elements in the story. As a paranormal readers I have always felt cats just go hand and had with a good paranormal book.

So, I guess I can quit with all of this mushy love stuff and ask one important question, WHEN IS THE NEXT BOOK COMING OUT??? Yes, I want it now LOL.

If you’re a cat, mystery, paranormal and a touch of romance lover please mark this book to read. It’s on my highly recommend list. I also hope this crazy note/review will inspire you to write to the authors and tell them how much you loved their book.

Best regards,

The Duke's Perfect Wife

The Duke's Perfect Wife - Jennifer Ashley DNF..

Heroic Abduction

Heroic Abduction - Eve Langlais Who needs a hero? I do after reading this book. LOL….Heroic Abduction is full of fun, adventure, romance and some hidden surprise along the way.
Eve is known to write he purple aliens with a lot of quirky fun but this time around you get a surprise in one of the love scenes. At first it shock me because Eve doesn’t write like this but it really fit the characters and it really did make the whole book more fun.

I loved reading both hero and heroine, they had just the right amount of heat level right off the bat to keep the story going. Betty is strong and keeps the big purple hero on the run trying to keep her but out of trouble, but hay, a girl has got to save her friend at whatever cost. Right? Dyre tries his best to win Betty over to no avail, until he gets a call from one of his parents. Who knew that a rift with family could be the link he needed to seal his fate with his mate.

The story is really fun but it did drag just before I got to the half way. So, if you find the story dragging for you too, please press on.

I recommend this to anyone who loves adventure and sexy fun in a Sci-Fi romance. I recommend this to anyone who loves fun, adventure and sexy fun in a Sci-Fi romance. This book is part of a series but each are standalone, I have read some but not all in this series

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