Dark Fire

Dark Fire - Christine Feehan I started this series a few years back and quit them and now I remember why. Repetition!!! The hero and heroine are just a like, just different names, jobs or way of life but so many other features are the same. Same over baring hero that has to have his way or bust. Don’t get me wrong some hero’s is made to be dominate but not every freaking book in the same series. Readers needs fresh not just another cookie cutter.

The heroine Tempest is also similar to past heroines. She wants him for a few minutes then she is ready to high tail it out of there. Then there is the typical, after they have sex she wants to get away from him, oh but wait, he wants sex again, so she’ll leave after another quickie. Oh wait, how can I forget about the whole "You're not going to dominate me bit each one of these heroines screams thought the whole book. A big WHATEVER. The only thing good about this book is Tempest abilities.

Another thing I didn't realize when I read this series before was the head-hopping. OMG… In one chapter I would read several different characters POV’s it was so confusing and it took me longer to read. The chapter would stat out in Tempest POV then all the sudden without a break in comes Darius breaking in and telling his POV and I would read his POV for a bit and before you know it his sister cut in with her POV, again with no breaks. Then we might come back to Tempest POV before the end of the chapter or hey, maybe not it might be another character. GRRR.

Well, I can say for sure this is my last book I will read by Christine Feehand. I’m glad this is was library rental.

I know this series has very high ratings, I just can't figure out why. Maybe I am getting way to picky but repetition in series sucks for me.