Wolf Hunger

Wolf Hunger - Ella J. Phoenix If you love the later BDB books then you’ll love this series. I enjoy the characters and the paranormal elements, but I tend to me more of a Romance main focus reader, meaning. I like for the hero and heroine to be the main focus of the story not the side characters and story first, but there are some readers that like the focus of all kinds of characters like in the later BDB books. These books reminds me of more Urban Fantasy then romance because you don’t have the main focus on romance nor on the main couple.

I really hate to sound picky but I read Zoricah and Tardieh story in the first book and loved it, I didn’t like them coming back and having their story told more in-depth. I wanted to read about Rafe and Yara. I know their story entwined some but there was too much depth for Z and Tardieh. Then there was the villains POV which was great but you also got a lot info on Dyam, Naiah and more, so this made for quite a bit of different POV’s going on. I do have to hand it to the author at least she kepts them separate and they all focused on the story at hand, so there is nothing crazy like head-hopping which is great for the readers. The reason why I’m rating this a 3, as a romance reviewer I have to look at the main focus on the main romance because it comes first.

Now, since there is focus on quite a few characters that took away from reading Rafe and Yara background. You get to read a little about and them, but it wasn’t enough for me to really get to know them more. By the time they finally got together the book was over. Shame too because I really liked Rafe and I wanted to know more of Yara powers and how she could work them. I wanted to know why these two connected and what really drawled them together. There had to be something more than just the, oh I want you. I could feel their pull but just wanted to know why a wolf was drawn to a shifter that is also water witch and cursed.
The story is very fast pace and you get some really good paranormal element, then you also get some really good lines like this one.

“Rafe couldn’t story his mind from bowling over. They were the opposite of each other- one was panther, one wolf, one feline, one canine, one black, the other white, but Rafe had never felt so close to another imam before…”

If you like the idea of reading a book with some hot sex and you don’t have to have the main romance focus then please give this series a try, this author is very talented.