Camille's Capture

Camille's Capture - Evanne Lorraine
Camille’s Capture is a hot Erotic Romance that will leave you panting for more.

It’s amazing to me how many readers has this labeled erotica because it not. Camille Capture has a plot and romance with a Happy Ever After, so it’s Erotic Romance. I loved the story behind Camille is a breeder but she fails to get pregnant after several tries on Earth so she is set to a different planet to find warriors. I enjoyed the back story about
3 1/2
Aegis and how he deals with the issue of his best friend truing to be his lover.

You’ll find some very hot M/M/F and M/F/M sex. Both males goes both ways so there is something for every erotic story lover. Beware if you don’t like anal sex because there is lots of it. I have to give the author kudos she as has a very good imagination, the way she describes the Aegis as a demon is very vivid. I will say this he is built for sex;)

The downside for me was Camille is a virgin and to be able to take on these guys without more preparation just wasn’t believable. At first she didn’t want to stay with them and this lasted for a while then all all the sudden it wasn’t a problem for her to be with them and she was even helping them stay together. I don’t mind that the sudden change but I like to know why the character changes suddenly.

I recommend this one to those that loves a good hot sci-fi adventure.
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