Slow Hand

Slow Hand - Victoria Vane A love story so captivating you'll never want it to end!

Sassy and sexy never looked so good on pages of a book before. Slow Hand is not your typical western, as a matter of fact, Vane entwined the old west with the new west and gave us a whole new contemporary romance cowboy that most romance reader would appreciate.

The story set you up with some great sexual tension right off the bat. Between Nicole’s sassiness and Wade’s cowboy coolness they grab you from page one and keep a hold of you all the way though the book. Vane adds just the right amount of bartering between these two without going overboard. You can also tell how much research she put into the book as you read about the unfolding family ranch story.

You get a good since of the surrounding in the story and you really get to know the other side characters along the way. This is an excellent start for an upcoming great series.

Romance first and far most along with a great HEA ending for the main characters and a great look into the next books characters. I highly recommend this book for any romance reader.