Heroic Abduction

Heroic Abduction - Eve Langlais Who needs a hero? I do after reading this book. LOL….Heroic Abduction is full of fun, adventure, romance and some hidden surprise along the way.
Eve is known to write he purple aliens with a lot of quirky fun but this time around you get a surprise in one of the love scenes. At first it shock me because Eve doesn’t write like this but it really fit the characters and it really did make the whole book more fun.

I loved reading both hero and heroine, they had just the right amount of heat level right off the bat to keep the story going. Betty is strong and keeps the big purple hero on the run trying to keep her but out of trouble, but hay, a girl has got to save her friend at whatever cost. Right? Dyre tries his best to win Betty over to no avail, until he gets a call from one of his parents. Who knew that a rift with family could be the link he needed to seal his fate with his mate.

The story is really fun but it did drag just before I got to the half way. So, if you find the story dragging for you too, please press on.

I recommend this to anyone who loves adventure and sexy fun in a Sci-Fi romance. I recommend this to anyone who loves fun, adventure and sexy fun in a Sci-Fi romance. This book is part of a series but each are standalone, I have read some but not all in this series