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The Highlander's Accidental Bride

The Highlander's Accidental Bride - Cathy MacRae 3 1/2

If you look on both Goodreads and Amazon you will find totally different reviews with mixed feeling for this book. I myself enjoyed it.

The mixed feeling is at the start of the book where the heroine wakes up with the loss of memory and is forced to marry a Laird.

Some reader say that he was the one who hit her over the head and rapped her on their wedding night. I myself read this book and didn’t find anywhere where he claims hit her. He says it was unintentional accident but it never says what truly happened. As for the rape again I don’t know what they read but I didn’t take it that way. Of course, she doesn't know him and she is scared because of her memory lost but the Laird is zealous and he makes a bit of a mess out of it to save his people and land and as you're reading about him he really doesn't seem to know how to really treat a lady but he does learn as time goes by. She never told him no, she just said be done with it. There is no real details of the scene and so you can’t just say he rapped her because there is no real detail that there was a rape.

Now, I know some people are touchy about this stuff, so if you are, you might want to stay clear of this book, but if you’re not then go for it. I myself loved how things turned for these two and how they were able to find love with everything going against them and to be that is romance finding love against all odds.
Spoiler stop.

I really enjoyed the story being told by Cathy but the publisher needs better editors. With a good editor they can really execute their stories and this is why my rating is lower.

I recommend this book to the readers that likes more of a bodice ripper novels style book.

Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the Wolf - Terry Spear Re-Read. I read this book when it first came out, but at that time I hadn't opened my review blog. I have several books that I read before I opened my blog and I have been wanting to take my time and review them. Review coming soon. I love darker PNR'S.

The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse

The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse - Leann Sweeney
Love cats and mystery then this book is definitely for you.

Jillian is a very lovable character along with the whole town. The setting is in a quaint southern town so be prepared to meet just about everyone as she is trying to solve the mystery.

The downside to this story to me was the mystery kind of dragged before solving other than that if you a love cozy cat mysteries then give this series a try.

Looking forward to reading book two.

Nerd in Shining Armor (The Nerd Series)

Nerd in Shining Armor (The Nerd Series) - Vicki Lewis Thompson DNF

The Touch of Night

The Touch of Night - A.L. Kessler If you read book one first you’ll find Mae and Josh mentioned in the story and you might wonder what happen between Lucius, Josh and Mae. This short story basically lets you know more about them and more about the upcoming series.
My suggestion, read book one and then come back for this free read.

Dragons Don't Cry

Dragons Don't Cry - D'Elen McClain Get ready for a roller costar ride you won’t never forget. Dragons Don’t Cry is suspenseful, sexy and downright funny and I loved reading every minute of it.

The bickering between Acasia and Bastian will make you laugh your butt off. Acasia thinks she is the dragon’s dinner and Bastian just wants a bride and his dirty din.

Bastian is nothing but an old pompous fire breathing dragon that needs to be bought down a few notches and Acasia is going to do just that. The thing is Bastian’s has a good reason for being so pompous, he is sick to death of the curse place on him and the other dragons.

Both Bastian and Acasia are strong characters and once love really starts sparking things really gets heated between them.

You get a great start to a world that is only going to build as each book is released and great main and side characters that you’ll want to keep reading. If you love humor, action and a hot read then Dragon’s Don’t Cry is a must read.

Midnight Symphony

Midnight Symphony - A.L. Kessler Midnight Symphony is hidden a diamond in the rough. Not all diamonds are flawless, so yes, you’ll find some flaws in Midnight Symphony but considering this is A.L. Kessler first book it’s really good and a great start to a series. I devoured it in two days and went to beg her for more.

As a heavy paranormal romance reader I love finding something totally different from the same old PNR’s out there today and Midnight Symphony gave me just that. Loved the characters, world build, magic and lots of different emotions.

With a war wedging between the demon hunters and the demons Cora and Darius are against all odds of beginning able fall in love with each other. This is not your typical lovie dovie PNR, this is what some of us call more hard core PNR. With Darius father after the Cora for his own shellfish benefit and he abuses Cora in many ways. One was is he has her back wiped and Darius is powerless to help her. Cora is very strong and powerful and she is willing to take all risk to bring down the Demon King that killed her mother.

I recommend this to any paranormal romance reader who like something hard core and different.

Spoiler alert below
I bought this thinking it was a standalone but when I got to the end of the story I was screaming for more. Cora father arranged a marriage with her to Alaster without her knowing. Alaster is very prominent in the story, so before the end you might find yourself rooting for him to get with Cora. While you’re rooting for him the story ends with Darius wishing for him to find love, therefore causing you scream for his story. Needless to say that’s just what I did went to the author screaming for a story for Alaster. With the world she created it would defiantly be easy to add more stories and she has insured me that she is working on Alaster story.

Dance in the Moonlight

Dance in the Moonlight - A.L. Kessler Loved this book read it in two days. Kessler is digging deep into the Circle world. I took to both main character very well and I love getting to know Marcus clan side more. I can’t wait to see which vampire clan wins out in the end.

Rennee has a secret besides the stone. She has no ideal that the images she see behind people is the real deal. As Rennee is fighting seeing images, keeping the stone and her heart her world is about to explode with all kinds of paranormal.

Some writers can’t seem to a character over a past love, they either drag on and on or they are too short and that leaves you with a lot of questions but Kessler didn't linger with Coran past, she brought him out of the past just right and explained everything so it felt real.

You’ll find a bit more heat between the main characters then the first book.

This book explains some things from previous book and it explains more about the war, who’s fighting and who’s trying to win it.

Series review
Dark War Chronicles is my favorite new series.

The whole series is paranormal romance with HEA in each book but the romance is very subdued. So, those of you who just like about one very good sex scene and the romance as not the major focus of a story, then this is for you. I would actually say this series is a cross between PNR and Uf, you really get a good feel of each genre.

Dark War Chronicles is about two vampire’s clans at war for a stone that can bring back the originals. These vampires’ clans are not your fluffy everyday romance vamps. Nope, they own everyone under them meaning they will use force to keep what is theirs and if theirs gets out of line they will correct them by any means they feel.

What I love best about this series is you have the main characters finding their true love and then you have another story of war, violence, and mystery that runs right along with the romance side. It’s like having two story’s in one. What better way to read.
You have to ask yourself which side are you on. Lucius or Marcus? I myself tend to think Lucius is not the evil one so I pick Lucius and hope he wins.

I couldn’t stress enough if you love paranormal romance and Urban Fantasy this is a series you must try.

In the Light of the Moon

In the Light of the Moon - A.L. Kessler Fast pace story with action, love and an excellent start to a new paranormal romance world. I loved the characters and the way the author wrote the story.

You get to know Lucius and how he runs his clan. I know some will regard him as the true villain and at one point I also seen him as that, but as you read this book and the next you might change your tune. Kassity is part of his clan, she serves as his killer. I really liked Kassity character and I hope one day she will see her immortal mark, she has been though too much to not get it.

I also like Jax it didn’t take him too long to figure out what was going on. I love a smart hero they get things done LOL

The romance between Kassity and Jax is not full force all the time, so those of you who like one good hot sex scene and slight sexual tension during the story this is totally for you.

There are some issues unresolved but if you go to the next story you’ll find some answers to some of the unresolved issues.

Close Liaisons

Close Liaisons - Anna Zaires This story is not erotica. It's a serialized romance, meaning the story continues to go on until the author see fit to end it.There is a romance build in each book with the couple so it's romance. People needs to learn their genre before they label.

Freakn' Cougar

Freakn' Cougar - Eve Langlais One thing you can count on is Eve delivering a great ménage story. Heck, I love her ménages so much she could writes these stories all freaking day and I would make sure I was planted right in front of her with my hands out ready to gobble up the next one. LOL

Freakin’ Cougar is a bit different than other books by Eve. You still get the same great snarky, humorous storylines but this time around you get a real Cougar lady (meaning older lady with a much younger man) in the mix and the setting is mostly in a prison. Prison? How in the heck can someone have a romance in a prison, you say? Well, it’s just one you have to read to find out how well it worked for these three.

What I liked best about the story is the heroine is over 30. Yep, me being over 40 I get sick and tired of reading characters under 25. This is one of the main reasons I read indie published books because they don't have to follow traditional publishing rules, that characters has to be under 25.

Great characters along with a different storyline. I recommend this story to anyone who reads romance. I know some of you don’t like reading PNR but believe me Eve doesn’t create large PNR worlds that will just blow your mind. I myself call her books more along the lines of contemporary romance with some paranormal added. So, don’t be scared, if you love snarky characters, funny storylines then please give this whole series a try.

Can this be read as a standalone? Yes
Sexual warnings: Double penetration - See more at:

Laiden's Daughter

Laiden's Daughter - Suzan Tisdale Review
Great story, great characters an amazing unexpected twist I never saw coming, but this book is in need of editing. I gave it 3 stars for not only because of the editing, but also for the headhopping. It took me an extra 3 days to read it because of the POV changes without notice. I’m one that likes to stick with one character's POV so I can really get the feeling of that character's life without interruption from a different character and their POV. I also believe if a beta reader went over this book they would have smoothed out Aishlinn's inconsistencies and made her a bit more believable. It wouldn't have taken too many changes to help, but as it stands she does a 360 from being battered and feeling like she is nothing but plain into a super hero and beautiful. It would have flowed much better if the change was a bit more subtle. The price of the book is cheap, but I would have rather paid a bit more and received a good, edited completed book that I could have fell in love with.


Outlander - Diana Gabaldon This is so not romance. I have no clue why people thinks just because there is sex in the book that they can say its romance because that is not true. Romance is a HEA at the end of the story.

Chasing Sunset

Chasing Sunset - Sami Lee This novella is not erotica it's erotic romance.

I Remember You

I Remember You - Scarlett Metal This is not a New Adult it's a Contemporary romance. Review to come.

All I Want for Christmas is You (Contemporary Holiday Romance) (Fate with a Helping Hand)

All I Want for Christmas is You (Contemporary Holiday Romance) (Fate with a Helping Hand) - Lisa Mondello DNF

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