Rough Rider (Hot Cowboy Nights)

Rough Rider (Hot Cowboy Nights) - Victoria Vane Rough Rider is the second book in Victoria Vanes Hot Cowboy Nights series. Unlike many series this book is truly a standalone because the author takes you back to when Janice and Dirk first met. The romance between Janice and Dirk is first and far most as it should be in a romance story and Vane does not disappoint with a great HEA ending.

As stated the author takes you back to when Janice and Dirk first met which is good in ways, but to me it just ended up being a downfall for the story because between Dirk and Janice issues and drama, it just made the story really drag.

I felt like Dirk was a bit of a hothead in book one and by the time I was done with a couple of chapters in book two, I found him not only a hothead but a true jerk. I didn’t like how he left Janice high and dry over and over again. I never read a book where one man had such drama over committing to someone. Needless to say his drama drags out through the whole book and I just didn’t care for it.

Janice has her share of drama too. Since Dirk wouldn’t have her she went with mister playboy knowing the fact he was a true playboy. I couldn’t believe how many times she let herself get hurt by Dirk, but at least she finally got her HEA with him, so I was happy for her. I did love how the author introduced Janice’s son and I was truly surprised with the mystery and thought it was all well-handled.

With all of the drama I did like how the book ended so, I gave this book a 3. Now, in reading this review you might not think I wouldn’t suggest this book, but that is not the fact, I do recommend this book to those that loves reading characters with comment issues.
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