The Cat, the Mill and the Murder

The Cat, the Mill and the Murder - Leann Sweeney By far, this is the best book out of this series for me. I love the detail the author took in writing about the mill and the town. I live in a town that had a mill almost like this and it too had a small village along with it. This is a great way to introduce our mill history that is now long gone since so much outsourcing and people buying so many products from other seas other than American textiles. I myself can remember a time when theses mills were still producing America jobs. Sad. Anyhow, this rundown mill created an excellent mystery and leave it to Jillian to be right in the middle of the whole process.

I loved the ghost cat in this story it added some excellent paranormal elements into the story but what really draws me to reading theses cozy mysteries is the detail the authors puts into these books, it’s like you are right there in the middle finding the bones, murder and helping the cats.

If you love cats, a murder mystery, and love this is a series for you.
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