Dragons Don't Cry

Dragons Don't Cry - D'Elen McClain Get ready for a roller costar ride you won’t never forget. Dragons Don’t Cry is suspenseful, sexy and downright funny and I loved reading every minute of it.

The bickering between Acasia and Bastian will make you laugh your butt off. Acasia thinks she is the dragon’s dinner and Bastian just wants a bride and his dirty din.

Bastian is nothing but an old pompous fire breathing dragon that needs to be bought down a few notches and Acasia is going to do just that. The thing is Bastian’s has a good reason for being so pompous, he is sick to death of the curse place on him and the other dragons.

Both Bastian and Acasia are strong characters and once love really starts sparking things really gets heated between them.

You get a great start to a world that is only going to build as each book is released and great main and side characters that you’ll want to keep reading. If you love humor, action and a hot read then Dragon’s Don’t Cry is a must read.