Dance in the Moonlight

Dance in the Moonlight - A.L. Kessler Loved this book read it in two days. Kessler is digging deep into the Circle world. I took to both main character very well and I love getting to know Marcus clan side more. I can’t wait to see which vampire clan wins out in the end.

Rennee has a secret besides the stone. She has no ideal that the images she see behind people is the real deal. As Rennee is fighting seeing images, keeping the stone and her heart her world is about to explode with all kinds of paranormal.

Some writers can’t seem to a character over a past love, they either drag on and on or they are too short and that leaves you with a lot of questions but Kessler didn't linger with Coran past, she brought him out of the past just right and explained everything so it felt real.

You’ll find a bit more heat between the main characters then the first book.

This book explains some things from previous book and it explains more about the war, who’s fighting and who’s trying to win it.

Series review
Dark War Chronicles is my favorite new series.

The whole series is paranormal romance with HEA in each book but the romance is very subdued. So, those of you who just like about one very good sex scene and the romance as not the major focus of a story, then this is for you. I would actually say this series is a cross between PNR and Uf, you really get a good feel of each genre.

Dark War Chronicles is about two vampire’s clans at war for a stone that can bring back the originals. These vampires’ clans are not your fluffy everyday romance vamps. Nope, they own everyone under them meaning they will use force to keep what is theirs and if theirs gets out of line they will correct them by any means they feel.

What I love best about this series is you have the main characters finding their true love and then you have another story of war, violence, and mystery that runs right along with the romance side. It’s like having two story’s in one. What better way to read.
You have to ask yourself which side are you on. Lucius or Marcus? I myself tend to think Lucius is not the evil one so I pick Lucius and hope he wins.

I couldn’t stress enough if you love paranormal romance and Urban Fantasy this is a series you must try.