The Highlander's Accidental Bride

The Highlander's Accidental Bride - Cathy MacRae 3 1/2

If you look on both Goodreads and Amazon you will find totally different reviews with mixed feeling for this book. I myself enjoyed it.

The mixed feeling is at the start of the book where the heroine wakes up with the loss of memory and is forced to marry a Laird.

Some reader say that he was the one who hit her over the head and rapped her on their wedding night. I myself read this book and didn’t find anywhere where he claims hit her. He says it was unintentional accident but it never says what truly happened. As for the rape again I don’t know what they read but I didn’t take it that way. Of course, she doesn't know him and she is scared because of her memory lost but the Laird is zealous and he makes a bit of a mess out of it to save his people and land and as you're reading about him he really doesn't seem to know how to really treat a lady but he does learn as time goes by. She never told him no, she just said be done with it. There is no real details of the scene and so you can’t just say he rapped her because there is no real detail that there was a rape.

Now, I know some people are touchy about this stuff, so if you are, you might want to stay clear of this book, but if you’re not then go for it. I myself loved how things turned for these two and how they were able to find love with everything going against them and to be that is romance finding love against all odds.
Spoiler stop.

I really enjoyed the story being told by Cathy but the publisher needs better editors. With a good editor they can really execute their stories and this is why my rating is lower.

I recommend this book to the readers that likes more of a bodice ripper novels style book.