Laiden's Daughter

Laiden's Daughter - Suzan Tisdale Review
Great story, great characters an amazing unexpected twist I never saw coming, but this book is in need of editing. I gave it 3 stars for not only because of the editing, but also for the headhopping. It took me an extra 3 days to read it because of the POV changes without notice. I’m one that likes to stick with one character's POV so I can really get the feeling of that character's life without interruption from a different character and their POV. I also believe if a beta reader went over this book they would have smoothed out Aishlinn's inconsistencies and made her a bit more believable. It wouldn't have taken too many changes to help, but as it stands she does a 360 from being battered and feeling like she is nothing but plain into a super hero and beautiful. It would have flowed much better if the change was a bit more subtle. The price of the book is cheap, but I would have rather paid a bit more and received a good, edited completed book that I could have fell in love with.