Midnight Symphony

Midnight Symphony - A.L. Kessler Midnight Symphony is hidden a diamond in the rough. Not all diamonds are flawless, so yes, you’ll find some flaws in Midnight Symphony but considering this is A.L. Kessler first book it’s really good and a great start to a series. I devoured it in two days and went to beg her for more.

As a heavy paranormal romance reader I love finding something totally different from the same old PNR’s out there today and Midnight Symphony gave me just that. Loved the characters, world build, magic and lots of different emotions.

With a war wedging between the demon hunters and the demons Cora and Darius are against all odds of beginning able fall in love with each other. This is not your typical lovie dovie PNR, this is what some of us call more hard core PNR. With Darius father after the Cora for his own shellfish benefit and he abuses Cora in many ways. One was is he has her back wiped and Darius is powerless to help her. Cora is very strong and powerful and she is willing to take all risk to bring down the Demon King that killed her mother.

I recommend this to any paranormal romance reader who like something hard core and different.

Spoiler alert below
I bought this thinking it was a standalone but when I got to the end of the story I was screaming for more. Cora father arranged a marriage with her to Alaster without her knowing. Alaster is very prominent in the story, so before the end you might find yourself rooting for him to get with Cora. While you’re rooting for him the story ends with Darius wishing for him to find love, therefore causing you scream for his story. Needless to say that’s just what I did went to the author screaming for a story for Alaster. With the world she created it would defiantly be easy to add more stories and she has insured me that she is working on Alaster story.