Their One and Only

Their One and Only - Trista Ann Michaels Loved this suspense m/f/m read. This one has two brothers that has some psychic abilities, they also have an connection between each other that requires them to share the same woman. This is another of my favorite m/f/m reads along with my family.

I loved Sam and Tyler they are caring and sweet. When they find Kaycee in the hospital in TN. They bring her into their home to help her heal and in hope what they all feel will grow in to love between them. Both Sam and Tyler are upfront and truthful with Kaycee in what they expect in a relationship. They have a dog and cat that make an appearance in the book is really cute. You get a great suspense storyline where someone is killing women and is after Kaycee, you also get great steamy sex between them. Its well written this is an erotic not to be missed if you want a good romance story.