Passion Play

Passion Play - Beth Bernobich
A teenaged Therez Zhalina is considered chattel by her wealthy, merchant father. Once she learns of her marriage contract her father has arranged, she decides to run away from home. She is able to join a caravan and changes her name to Ilse. Unfortunately, the caravan owner has his own agenda and takes advantage of 15 year-old Ilse. She escapes and ends up at a pleasure house owned by Raul Kosenmark, a duke.

This is one book where the title will fool you. I felt no passion from this one. Boring comes to mind. Where was the passion between Ilse and Raul? Or even Raul and Dedrick? Unfortunately, the time Ilse spent with the caravan evoked more emotion. Ilse didn’t know what she was getting herself into: It basically boiled down to rape.

There were many elements in this story that were left wanting. Raul is a eunuch, but his relationship with Dedrick is never fully explored. Yet, you assume both men are bisexual. You are led to believe Nadine is a lesbian. The magic aspects seem to be written in as a side note. Raul and Ilse fall in love, but they don’t have a HEA. I am confused. What kind of book is this?

Wait, I know. Wearisome fiction.