Accidental Abduction

Accidental Abduction - Evelyn Langlais Eve knows how to write hunky dominating aliens, her latest release Accidentally Abduction is quite entertaining. I enjoyed the storyline and the fun and danger Eve adds to the story.

Megan is having a bad day and her luck with men is even worse. Her now Xboyfriend just dumped her out to sea for dead. Then all the sudden she finds herself face to face with a hunky purple Han Solo looking alien. Oh wait, can her do be looking up? Nope, it not because the alien doesn’t want a big mouth human to deal with oh no, he wants to sell her, but she keeps talking about sex and its intriguing his other parts, so you know where this will lead LOL. This is not a love fest relationship, oh no, these two loves to bicker and then bickers some more... Why do they bicker so much you ask? Well, Megan has a big mouth she just can’t keep shut and Tren doesn’t too much like it. It just makes reading so much more for fun especially for these two.

I have to say, this book starts out and ends really good, but the bickering from Megan did get to me in the middle before it calmed. Over all still a good read. I loved the imagination Eve adds and the way she brought about the coupling.

Jarico is Tren bother you get a peek at his book next at the end.

Here’s Megan with her mouth action-
“Not for you I won’t be. I like my men with some balls. I think you left yours at home. Or did someone already neuter them for you?” Megan’s smile goaded him as much as her provoking words.

Megan getting into trouble yet again, oh wait, this maybe good trouble;-)
Once again, he tore his mouth from hers and perused her with heavy lidded eyes. “I told you to put it on. Obey me, Earthling.”
She met his luminous gaze, her tummy swirling at the passion she could see in its depths. Her lips curled into a taunting smile. “Make me.”
Challenge thrown, he wasted no time and she squealed as he sprang into action….