Darkness Unknown

Darkness Unknown - Alexis Morgan 4 1/2 stars

I have found in most books I don’t like teens, but this one is very good, the teen is not over the top, mean or just pain stupid. This book is my favorite in the series so far. It has lots of good elements, love, danger, secrets, and even an Alpaca farm.

A good, exciting story about a sister Gwen and her half brother living alone on a farm with alpacas. Gwen’s finds a half dead man in the woods that can heal like her brother, so she wants to find out more about him for her brother, but as time goes on the man she thought she could trust gets her brother in the hospital. Will Gwen ending up fleeing or staying?

One complaint, it was never made clear what went on at the farm that keep the dogs and alpaca's on neddles or one time Gwen felt being watched.