Eternal Craving

Eternal Craving - Nina Bangs Another hot dinosaur adventure worth reading. I found this one better then the first book. It has all the predicaments as the first just pumped up more, this one carries some sad moments and more humor. You get to learn more about the Mayan prediction and more about Fin and who wouldn’t want to know more about gorgeous Fin;). I really like the new character additions Bangs adds in this book, I think it will be interesting to see them grow.

Few sopilers
Jenna is Kelly’s sister and also a tabloid writer, so you know she knows things that goes bump into the night or does she really? When she sees Al change into a Allosaurus and kills one night, she loses it and runs for cover and calls her sister for the explanation. Its Fin and Al that does the explaining, not Kelly.

So far both women Fin has brought in holds a key to bringing down the next trip home. This one Jenna holds the key for the eighth. Fin also finds Jenna like her sister is one that asks to many questions. It is always interesting to read to see how much the woman can get out of the man like Fin that holds all the secrets.

Al has issues keeping his emotions under control, for one he loves to kill and Jenna sees this in his eyes every time. It makes it interesting to read how Al is going to handle a lady with loads of questions. He soon finds out she is not one that will let a prehistoric dinosaur to stand in here way to get the answers either.