The Cursed One

The Cursed One - Ronda Thompson The Cursed One is book three and is now my favorite in this series. I was truly saddened when I found out Ronda is now passed, I was hoping for more books. I loved the writing flow and the surprises that kept me turning the pages as fast as I could to see what was happing next in this one, to me it was totally different from the rest of the series. In book one you’ll read that Amelia is to be married to Lord Collingsworth in this book you’ll find out what happened to them after they are married.

Amelia found herself in a heap of trouble on her wedding night, she thought that the thing (Yep, I did say thing, you’ll have to read;) was her husband, as she was screaming and fighting this thing off of her, she ends up killing the thing or at least she thought she did. Then all the sudden as if from one of her dreams a man from her past came to the rescue his name is Gabriel. Gabriel being wolf he could hear her screaming, he didn’t know at the time who it was, but it was someone in trouble. So he comes in and finds Amelia with a dead man. As you get into the story more they are sounded by shape-shifting creatures that wants nothing more than to kill them. These creatures goes as far as to burn the house down, So Amelia the maid and Gabriel is now on the run form these creatures and they have a ways to go on foot to get to Gabriel’s house. it’s a exciting adventure with lots of twist and turns that will keep you going. I found this book nothing less than wonderful.

I really enjoyed reading both the hero and heroine. I also enjoyed the wonderful ending.

Reading order
1. The Dark One
2. The untamed One
3.The Cursed One
4. Anthology Midnight Pleasures
5.Anthorlogy Love at first Bite