Eternal Hunter

Eternal Hunter - Cynthia Eden Another great read by Eden. I just love shape shifters, especially when they are hot dangers white tigers, yummy! I really like the bounty hunter storyline, it was really refreshing to me. This one has action, fast hot sex, shape-shifter fighting, and a great mystery.

Before I start I have to say, Erin has a huge problem, she has a sick psychopath that thinks he’s is her mate and he either hurts or kills anyone who even breath wrong towards her. Erin even moved hopping he wouldn’t find her. This made for a good mystery, I never picked up on who it is was until I read the name. Needless to say I was shocked.

Erin meets Jude when he captures low life bail skipper Bobby Burrows and brings him in. With Erin being a hybrid she knows Jude is a shape shifter right off the bat and feels something toward him. That night while good old Bobby was in jail, he is slathered. So both Erin and Jude meets up again trying to find out what happened to Bobby. They both know that the only thing that could rip Bobby apart is another shifter, but either one of them smelled another shifter. Hum could it be a human? You have to read and find out I am not telling. lol. When Erin goes home that night she finds her psychopath had found her and left her a calling card in her home to let her know he was there, it was message on her wall and written in blood. Erin calls and asks Jude to come over, before the cops (so you know who is on her mind;) and form there they have to find and stop the one responsible for the killings. They both carries secrets from their past that they have to over come in order to be together.