Tall, Dark and Deadly

Tall, Dark and Deadly - Lorie O'Clare I’m really having a hard time writing this review. As a few of you know suspense is not really in my category in reading, so I haven’t decided if this is my problem with this book or if it just wasn’t as good as it should be. I do know I dont get into a long on going crime invesgation, If you are a fan of crime invesgation this would be to your liking.

Spoilers below
This book did hold my attention, but I felt it had holes in the crime and storyline. Grace and Justin connected but she with held so much information it seem sloppy. The story starts off good Grace is a slave to a horrible master, after years she gets out and starts a new life as a police officer. The town she just moves to starts having teen girls brutally raped beaten and virginally murdered, this is where the story seems to drag for me it takes forever for them to figure out who done it. For one as stated above Grace healed out to much information. I understand with what she had been through she doesn’t trust or she has to keep some things secret, but if you want to be as good cop as Grace stated you can’t with hold and let girls get murdered, it just didn’t make since. There is a few more, I don’t what to keep giving out, I just hope I have descried enough, so you can deicide if this book is for you.

I did find Grace and Justin entertaining and exciting together, the Sherriff adds a lot in the story. If suspense is you cup of tea this is maybe more in you line to read but it just wasn’t in mine.

If your like me and really like Lorie’s erotic books and are looking for something with spice you wont find it in this book. What few books in suspense I have read has had better spice then this and if you a PNR reader its just plain no sizzle. There is sex but it just not like other books.