HellFire - Kate Douglas A high action pack read. I did enjoy this read although it didn’t have as much humor to it as the first in the series. I loved the talking swords and the depth that Kate takes you into the world of the Lemurias. She explains a lot and makes you want more and I mean more, actually I was kind of mad at the end Kate takes you to a point about the Lemuria and then stops without telling the rest grrr. I wanted to know what happened to the slaves and the outrageous counsel, (especially Alton’s dad), but nope I didn’t get it I will have to wait for the next book…

I enjoyed the hero and heroine to a point, they started out really good then all the sudden Ginny gets a conscience and says I cant be with you because I will have to quit my job and fight demons, you know the whole I am woman and no man will rule me, this takes a while to get past, then they are on happy street again. Plus Ginny cries a lot. All in all these two weren’t that bad to read after Ginny figured out what she needed to be doing.

I did like this book more then the first because of Kate’s explaining more how this world works. The sex is slimmer than the first book, but there is enough to keep you going and what’s there is really hot. I loved the storyline and whose body the demon king took over, it took me a bit to figure that one out.

I will say to those that did like the first book to this series try this one its different. Especially for those who wanted more explanation on how this world was set up.