Kill Me Again

Kill Me Again - Maggie Shayne Another great book by Maggie Shayne, I loved it. In book one you read about Olivia having a bad past. In this one it catches up with her and you get to read what happened between her and her ex. Its not a good past to read about, I found really emotional and had to keep reading to find out the whole story.

Olivia is a huge fan of a reclusive author Aaron Westhaven and he has been invited to speak at the university. Olivia was waiting for Aaron to come when she noticed he was really late. The next thing she knows, she gets a call from the hospital for her to come there. When she gets there she finds out that she has to identify a man with amnesia that holds a card with her name and address. Now keep in mind this author Olivia has never seen before, no pictures or anything, so she really doesn’t truly know if this is him or not.

Aaron finds himself shot and in a hospital with amnesia. A woman comes in named Olivia she says that she thinks she knows him. So he goes with what she says until he can find out the truth. They want him to stay in the hospital for the night. But Aaron gets antsy and he over heard that Olivia left her car, so he makes it out of the hospital and gets in her car and hit’s the GPS for her home. When he gets there he finds Olivia being attacked by a man, so he fights him off. Both Olivia and Aaron notices how he handled himself in the fight and he shows no signs of being a real author. So who is he?

This is a excellent action pack read, one I will never forget. All the twists and turns that Aaron and Olivia goes through before finding out how he really is and the help Aaron gives Olivia to face her fears with her ex and help her over come him and put him back behind bars. I was in awe with the whole book. I really loved how the author wrote in Olivia’s dog Freddie, he is a 200 pound mastiff. You’ll have to read how he saves their lives and brings excitement in the whole book. This one has a little more romance then the first, still not a whole lot, but again I never missed it there is so much going on.