Private Property

Private Property - Leah Braemel

A fun and kinky story, that I really ejoyed. Let me tell you a little on what you get before I get into the story. M/F/M with flogger, bondage, hot sex, video taping and rear door entire. Plus some fun with breaking and entering and getting caught.

Little spoilers
I liked reading Jodi. She is like most of us women that thinks a man has forgotten her birthday, but ends more suspired than she’d ever thought. She didn’t think Mark would take her fantasy list serious and start working on it nor was she expecting in being caught breaking into a mans house. Her job is to brake in to a house and get into a safe. Mark throws a little surprise in before she starts the job, he has her to put in a vibrator. Needless to say she is in full blown out vibrating when she is caught by the owner of the house. So fun to read.

Mark has shared women with Sam before, so he didn’t think nothing of it when he arranged for the both of them to share Jodi. What he didn’t expect to have a certain feeling to come up when he seen someone else touching Jodi either. I loved reading Mark and Sam both are hunks and ready to please. Sam’s book is the next one I can’t wait to read it.