Deeply, Desperately

Deeply, Desperately - Heather Webber The second installment of Deeply, Desperately is just as enjoyable as the first, then again I am a sucker for a fun and romantic stories. This time around Lucy is up to her eye balls again, in cases, keeping her love life going, helping friends, then to top it off a surprise is added to the Valentine family. There is no way I could pull of what Lucy does in a few weeks LOL. You get a little more romance between Lucy and Sean in this installment. I found this a brilliant story and fun to read.

I recommend this series to any mystery, paranormal romance lover. The reason for recommend this to a paranormal romance reader is Lucy and her family can read peoples auras and Lucy is physic. You wont find this series on the hot and steamy side like paranormal romance books, but if you’re like me and like a fun mystery romance, you have to give Miss Valentine’s series a try.