Lycan Lover (Lycan # 1)

Lycan Lover (Lycan # 1) - S.K. Yule Just what I needed to read on the fourth of July an excellent short story about a sexy alpha werewolf. This short erotic ebook, is hot and spicy with a bit of scary thrown into the mix. I don’t want to give out to much of this short story, but I have to say, Karen learns quick when a werewolf says don’t run you better not unless your prepared for the consequences (it makes for some sizzling hot sex up against a brick wall though;).

few spoilers
At a pre-Halloween party Karen feels like someone is watching her. She has been having dreams of this sexy, dominant and very possessive man with green eyes that insists on her obedience. She wants to leave the party. When she gets up she hears someone say “excuse me” she finds this drop dead gorgeous man wanting to dance. While dancing she notices he doesn’t have on a costume, when she ask where it is. He says “I have my own built-in, I can use whenever I want“.

Anthony knows Karen is his mate. He learns after her ex she swore off men, so he just watched her from afar until the right moment to claim her. On this night he has to step in to save his mate.