Ecstasy Untamed

Ecstasy Untamed - Pamela Palmer 3 1/2 stars

Pamela’s stories just keep getting deeper as they go. I really enjoyed the way she came about with the threat to the Warriors this time around, it was different.

I have enjoyed reading this series but this one was borderline for me. I enjoyed some of it but yet some of it I didn’t. Pamela writes on the darker side with each of her warriors but this one the heroine really tore at me.. I felt so bad for her but again she was the one that chose the route to go with the Feral, but she didn’t want the abuse. What I disliked most was she was abused while in the Warriors house and it took them a bit to even find out. But I have to admit Pamela gave this heroine so much at the end, so it was worth reading all of it. I am still scratching my head over the one sex scene between her and Hawke. It’s not that I mind reading ruff and somewhat bloody sex it’s just Faith keeps saying she was never a person that would be a victim of violence but yet she’s having very rough sex… And yes, I know she was possessed but I am still confused with it..

As always you get a fast pace action story. You also get to read about the other Warriors and their wife’s. I hope Vhyper starts bugging Pamela soon because I can’t wait for his book.