Lucifer's Daughter

Lucifer's Daughter - Eve Langlais Lucifer’s Daughter is a witty sexy and fun to read. Eve created a fun and exciting world and the main star is no less than the Princesses of the devil herself Muriel. I really enjoyed this book, but again I love reading books that make me laugh and enjoy the lighter side of things. Eve hit the nail on the head and made the perfect daughter for Satan. She is rebellious and values her virginity among other things. Until a hunk entered her bar, but wait this is no ordinary hunk he is special, you’ll have to read and find out who Auric really is and way he makes Satan mad for being around his daughter.

I loved the fun characters and the whole over throw Satan storyline. The action and hot wicked sex made the book flow really well. Now, on to the next daughter of Satan’s adventure.

This book is in Muriel’s POV.If you’re an urban fantasy reader that likes some erotic romance please give this a try. Muriel is strong and has plenty of powers.