Wickedest Witch

Wickedest Witch - Eve Langlais
What do you get when you mix a sexy hot headed shape-shifter cat and a truly wicked witch? A dangerously steamy romance! I found this book full of humor and exciting to read. I have been reading a lot of short novellas lately and I have found all of them are really quick to read, but for some reason this went much slower and I don’t mean that in a bad way either, all I know is I enjoyed it and savored every bit.

Evangaline, is one very wicked witch, so wicked she turned her last lover into a rat and I wont mention what else she has done;) Ryker is huge hot shape shifter, some women see him and finds him so domineering they faint and that’s not good. When Ryker and his cat meets this wicked witch he just can’t resist this fireball especially when he sees all the curves she has without her glamour. When these two stubborn hot heads gets an assignment together there is nothing to stop the intense sexual tension that is between them. Just remember these two are stubborn so you get a good chase. Here is a good hint there is some hot sex in a car in this one;)

This book has so many fun witty passages. I just has to add a huge one I loved;)
Evangaline waggled her fingers and … nothing happened. Frowning, she wiggled
them again and pushed harder at her magic. Again, nada.
The drunken idiot laughed. “Sorry, little witch. I’m protected against direct magic,
being a shifter and all, but I promise I can still make lots of magic in the bedroom.”
Figured the idiot with the crass pickup lines would be a bloody shifter and immune
to her spells. Not really a problem, Evangaline had more than one trick up her sleeve.
Hooking her foot around the bottom of the stool he’d perched on, she yanked it and
dumped her would-be suitor on the floor. She also poured her glass of wine over him for
good measure.