The Wedding Gift

The Wedding Gift - Kathleen McKenna This book is a DNF, I read to page 120 and couldn't take it anymore ugh. This is a story told by Leeann the narrator, so you only get her side. I was somewhat fine reading this even though I was tired of hearing how Leeann thinks she is the prettiest girl in Dalton. I cant even tell you how many times she has said that before hitting page 30 grrr. Anyway she is very shallow ends up getting married to an older man named George only because his family is the riches in town and can get things for her. Well George is not a hunk he is more average guy that is rich and she ends up Prego by him and marrying him, then she ends up loosing the baby and gets to move in the biggest mansion in town its also suppose to be haunted, well it could very well be I just stopped reading before really finding out. So as I was saying George moves her in the house and she ends up sleeping with Donny so I had to quit reading. Most of you know I don’t like it when the hero sleeps around the same in turn with the heroine nope I just cant do it. I really think this book is suppose to be on the humor side, I just couldn’t see that. The thing that counts most to me and the reason I read is the romance and I didn’t find any between Leeann and George if I cant find a good connection, I cant finish the book.