A Deadly Whisper

A Deadly Whisper - Stacey Kennedy This is a good paranormal romance stoyr and a great start for a series. There is a fallen angel, humor, action, evil, demon, and naked hot men. This is one of Stacey Kennedy’s sexier series, so if you like it hot here you go. I found an excellent storyline and its easy explained. I loved the ideal of a seeker having to be paired up or mated with an watcher to find the evil demons.

I had a hard time getting in to this one at first. The reason is the H/H are the type that thinks the other hates the other, so there is argueing back in forth. I really enjoyed the book after Paxton finally blows and opens up to find out why Knox disliked her so much. This is I know a turn off for some, but I have learned we all have insecure issues and its going to show up in books.

Paxton has a gift that she believes is a curse, she can see people being killed by another human, but what she doesn’t know is that the one that’s doing the killing is not human at all. Her close friend Tate has never known she has this ability and blows. When she meets a man named Knox their world as they know it will never be the same.