Building Magic

Building Magic - Lilly Cain Reviewed by kathleen for
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This was a really good Erotic Fantasy Romance. The story was interesting from beginning to end. The heroine Tina had always felt like an outcast, with her intelligence, red hair and flat chest, she felt she would never find a man who would love her.

Devin is the King of 5 clans of Dragons. He is sent to earth to find something to help the clans stop fighting and become united again. What he finds is Tina.

Once Devin had Tina in his claws all's it took was one sniff of her and he had to have her. Tina was extremely attracted to Devin and wanted him too. He made her feel like no other man has ever made her feel before. When Devin claims Tina as his mate the claiming was HOT! As where the rest of the love scenes.

There was a battles between Devin and a power hungry dragon. I really liked the imagination used in this scene and this is where Devin and Tina's love shone through.

The ending was very happy indeed with Devin and Tina in love and the clans all reunited.

The only thing I wish is that this story would have been a bit longer.

If you like Erotic Fantasy Romance stories with shapeshifting dragons, magic, and hot love scenes I'd say give this book a try. I'm sure glad I did.