Aztec Gold

Aztec Gold - Caridad Piñeiro Aztec gold is a thrilling archaeologist adventure. I loved the vivid detail the author brings to this story, it felt like I could be there. I would love to see this in the movies. I found this book to be a page turner with archaeologist adventure, danger, lots of blood, romance and supernatural powers.

I loved the romance between Rafe and Cynthia. They are already lovers and after the disappearance of Rafe, Cynthia goes to the Mexican jungle to see if he is still alive. There she finds not only a psycho demon-goddess, but a few more surprises along the way. The sex is hot, but be prepared there is more storyline than sex. I recommend this to all paranormal romance readers, especially if you like a hot archaeologist.

There is a place at the end where you’ll find a take off for another book. I hope to be able to read it one day.