A Vampire's Salvation

A Vampire's Salvation - Virna DePaul A Vampire's Salvation is short, sweet and very hot. This novella has danger, a hot alpha vampire and some hot sex. You get some bondage and mention of anal. One thing I loved there's mention of Cruelty free products; I am a freak about this, so it thrilled me to read it.

Frankie is one tuff sharp dressing lady. She had a bad experience with her first relationship and the scar on her face to prove it. There is a hunk she works with named Jake that has caught her eye. With her fantasy running wild about Jake the last six months, what will she say when he finally tells her he wants her? You’ll have to read and find out. I enjoyed reading both characters.

I recommend this to erotic paranormal romance readers.

Jacob La Costa Rios watched color stain Francesca’s cheeks and felt a deep sense of satisfaction. Not because he’d flustered her, although he had to admit that was a charming sight, but because he was tired of waiting. He wasn’t a man normally prone to patience. Not when it came to getting what he wanted, and he most definitely wanted her.