Silent Howl

Silent Howl - Stacey Kennedy Silent howl is the second book in Stacey Kennedy’s Blue Bloods series; I simply loved this book from start to finish. I enjoyed the first book to the series, but this book was what I needed to help me over a hump. When things in life are upside down it’s nice to open a book or in this case a PDF copy and be able to read something to pick you up, make you have a brighter day and to know that there is always love to be found. Not all books have to have a big bang or the hottest romance, it’s nice to find a true love romance between a couple, along with the love of others that helps each other in a desperate time of need, against worst of killers.

Briggs and Ryann’s relationship develops even more in this book. It’s amazing to see how a writer can develop the characters each book. Briggs and Ryann have a wonderful romance story and Ryann learns to embrace her wolf and live more by the pack ways.
Briggs is one of my favorite hero’s, he maybe a beta to his alpha leader, but Briggs can be alpha and he shows this to Ryann. OMG! It was one hot scene, so be careful reading this book because you may find yourself saying “I want my own Briggs.” LOL. I simply love Ryann; she is a heroine that I wish I could be anytime.

Special note, I loved how Stacey tied the title of the book with Briggs and Raynn it was very sweet.

The author also brings in characters from her other series; I love how she does this it ties everyone together. This is an awesome series, so kudos to Stacey for dreaming up this great series for all to enjoy.