Overlord - Anitra Lynn McLeod Overlord is pure explosive! Yep, the hero and heroine are full of explosive complications between each other and themselves. I really loved the beginning and the ending, but with all the back and fourth between these two it dragged in the middle for me. You get two tortured characters along with danger, adventure, hot sexual tension and some great sex.

Even with the back and forth relationship this book, it’s very well written, the dialogue and story are very compelling and fun at times. The heroine Mary is a very strong kick butt character with major issues from her past. The hero Overlord is one hard core alpha character who also has major issues from his past also. Both of them are drawn to each other in a very different way. They just have to come to the understanding they need each other. I loved how the author wrote Mary already having day dreams about Overlord before she even met him.

Few spoilers below!
I want to tell some on what many of you may not like and please don’t take this as I am downing this book because I am not. I believe in letting people know what’s in a book in case they don’t like this stuff they can opt to not try it and if they did at least they were warned, so in saying this I want to add a warning. This is not your typical hero or heroine romance love fest read. The back and forth relationship does drag on and the language the heroin throws at the hero I felt sorry for him at times and it can get on someone’s nerves after reading this for a period of time. Overlord at first physically fights with Mary. Yep, he is tormented alright. He puts Mary in confined rooms and sometimes locks her down to the bed. He also puts a bracelet on her so she can’t hit him or escape, but believe me she does and gets by with it, thanks to her crafty ways LoL. You may feel sorry for Mary after reading this, but Mary is dangerous whatever Overlord throws at her she takes in and uses it against him, so what goes around comes around. *at times I was yelling, “Go Mary!”* Besides he always goes and gets her when she runs, so he deserves it LOL.

All in all even though these two got on my nerves at times, the author ties everything in very well and keeps it interesting if you like this kind of read. I recommend this to a reader that loves the challenge of reading tortured leads with lots of complications thrown in.