Born of Ashes

Born of Ashes - Caris Roane Caris Roane adds passion into her books and it really shows because as I read the characters and story comes to life. Born of Ashes is no exception with this being the fourth in this series Caris writing really shines in this story of hair standing action, emotions and of course, let’s not forget those hot yummy vampire warriors of hers.
Caris, my hat goes off to you for writing Fiona. Out of the hundreds of book I have read there are not many heroines I have wanted to be but I wanted to be Fiona. I loved her passion, courage, and her awesome powers.
You read some about Jean-Piarre and Fiona in the third book. In this book Fiona is trying to save the women slaves and there is no stopping her once she is started. Jean-Piarre has always been one of the hottest warriors in this series to me and he didn’t disappoint me as I got into his head in this book, he’s a fantastic warrior and mate to Fiona. Together they have non-stop action in doing what they both do best, fighting evil.
Caris is an amazing author that has come up with a unique way to put a twist on vampires. If you want romance, action and great characters please give her World of Ascension series a try. If you love yummy vampires you know you can’t resist;)