Logan's Redemption

Logan's Redemption - Cara Marsi First let me say I loved the storyline very much and I enjoyed the mystery and suspense, but I found the story dragged a lot because these two never talked they just keep hiding things from each other, this became annoying after time.

Logan was wonderful to read. To me he made the whole story more enjoyable to read. He had a bad past and left his first love, because he thought she was too good for the likes of him. When he came back into Doriana life he never thought he would have to protect her and his unknown son.

Doriana I liked, but she is the one who really tries to keep stuff from Logan and make matters worse, so she was harder for me to get along with. When Logan left her she found out she was Prego, she never tried to find him to let him know he was a father. So, you can see she has issues from the start when he walks back into her life.

These two have a lot of issues to workout between them and on top of this Doriana starts getting some awful phone calls that can cost her, her life.

Overall this is a good read and I know there are plenty of you that will really enjoy it, so if you have a chance to try this please do.