A Wedding Wager

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Set in 1762 London, nothing is predictable about this second novel in Feather's Blackwater Brides historical romance series. Serena and Sebastian find themselves mixed up with a will containing stipulations which must be fulfilled before the death, a wicked greedy stepfather full of nefarious plots, a love denied, two loves found and a sword fight.

Three years ago, Serena's stepfather forced her to break the heart of her true love, 24 year old Sebastian, by telling him she didn't love him, that he had just been a dalliance. Her stepfather promptly whisked her off to Brussels that very afternoon. Today, Serena is not happy to see Sebastian because she still loves him. But she is now an independent, strong woman and she will deal with the situation as best she can.

When 27 year old Sebastian visits the new gaming house, he is stunned to see Serena, to realize that he is not only still furious at her treatment of him, but he is also still deeply in love with her after all this time. His twin and older brother are disturbed to learn she is back; they remember what he was like when she left him.

Neither has any idea what meeting 16 year old Abigail will have on their lost relationship.

I don't typically read this genre because the story seems to get lost in all the historical aspects - descriptions of scenery, buildings, political atmosphere, etc. This was pleasantly devoid of those. The historical clothing, mode of transportation and slang are used as the background of the story and don't take it over; well done, Ms. Feather.

This is a good sexy romance with another romance between young friends thrown in for good measure. Had I not known before reading that this was part of a series, I wouldn't have suspected it. It is a stand-alone story with minor mentions of things that occurred in the past and a little bit of foreshadowing of something that may happen in the future with Perry, Sebastian's twin.

Warning Spoiler Alert!!!
This does have a HEA ending