Dark Awakening

Dark Awakening - Kendra Leigh Castle I really want to like this book better. My biggest reasoning for not liking this book that much was the hero and heroine.I did like them both, but I never felt a spark between them and their romance as a couple just wasn’t believable to me. Again it’s because of the world built, it’s just so much of it, it took away from the romance. Yep, you guys know me I look for the romance first, then the world built. I am hoping the next book will be better in the romance now that the world is set up.

I really liked Lily, she’s strong. I liked how all of the connection to Lilith came about and of course, I love a heroine that has awesome powers. I just wish Lily would have been able to control them and know what they were.

Ty, As much as I liked his character I never got to know the real him. I did from Jaden, but I didn’t want to hear it from him. I wanted to know Ty’s POV just it wasn’t there that much. I felt like I was able to know Jaden more and he’s not the hero.

There’s a glossary at the front to help you out. The thing is the world buld is pretty massive, so you may need to take your time reading. To tell you the truth I didn’t want to pick it back up. I would read a little and stop, then dread picking it back up. I have read a lot of massive world builds in PNR books and enjoyed them, but this one was quite difficult to take in.

Anyhoo, I think this book will go over with some PNR readers while others won’t care for it. So, my suggestion is to look at the good and bad reviews before buying. Then there is the other option just jump into it and see what you think.