The Calling

The Calling - Ashley Lynn Willis 3 1/2

Ashley has a very well written book and she does a good job in telling her story. But I have to admit I was looking for something a little different. This is a story about a woman who has had breast cancer and meets a demigod. The thing is you read about Mandy’s drama with her ex and her cancer and you don’t get to know about the paranormal aspects of the story until almost the middle of the book and it’s very light on the paranormal.

I liked Mandy but she was so hung up on her ex that she almost missed someone special in her life and I couldn’t figure it out for the likes of me why. The dead beat ex dumps her when she is in need of someone, he tires to sabotage her new relationship and even tires to kill her but yet she still can’t get past him. WAHTEVER! LOL. This is just a few things the ex does. Yep, there’s more.

Justin I did really like, I also enjoyed how the author went about his story and bringing his dad back to him.

I read PNR to get away from everyday life’s drama and this one brings you into it. So that's the biggest reason I couldn’t get it into this story.

You get a good drama roll between the characters and some great sex. Just don’t expect some kind of huge paranormal roll like most RNR book because this is a light paranormal romance. I do suggest if you like some of the aspects of the book please do give try it.