Malevolent Spirit

Malevolent Spirit - Pauline Holyoak Pauline Holyoak delivers another bone chilling story. This is the second book in the Malevolent Sprit trilogy and it takes you deeper into the myth around Merhia and the lodge then the first book. You get a better look into how Merthia the creature came about. Pauline still keeps the same pace where you understand all the elements going on and the way she explains it you feel like your right there and that’s where the creepiness really gets you.

Emily gets even more grief this time around from the spirit of Merhia. She and Jonathan’s love life gets very spicy as their love continues to grow spite the fact Merhia is trying to sabotage their every step together. Emily also find out her best friend kinda of has a thing for her. Yep, this one get's very interesting.

My downside this time was I wished Emily would have believed in her powers and used them more in getting rid of Merthia.

If you want a good storytelling paranormal romance with a touch of horror that will leave you a bit creep out as your reading, then you have to try both books. This can be a standalone but I would highly recommend you to read the first in the series.