Oh, Cherry Ripe

Oh, Cherry Ripe - Claudy Conn, Claudette Williams Oh, Cherry Ripe is spicy historical read. I really enjoyed the characters, plot and the heat between the hero and heroine, but what I didn’t like and I know people will hate me for saying this, but it was the way the story ended. I was enjoying myself until all the sudden it just ended, poof gone, needless to say it left me speechless. I felt like I was somewhat left hanging because I wanted more. I hope one day Claudy will come back to this story and write a better ending. Not everything is correct to the time period in this story, but that is what I liked best about it because it gave you the historical feel along with times now, besides this is works of fiction and imagination, so things will not always be correct. Heck as long as I enjoy the story I can careless what the character’s names are.

Cherry, is very loveable character. She is headstrong at times as we all are when we don’t want to do something that someone wants to force on us. Sky, is strong character and devilishly handsome. He is just the right hero for Cherry. I really like how the plot was carries out, it goes to show sometimes we run from things that we shouldn’t.

You can find the free on amazon at least it is today, but I have no clue how long it will stay a freebie, so you better hop right on over if you want a spicy novella read.