Riding Her Tiger

Riding Her Tiger - Doris O'Connor
Before I get to the review I would like to add, I myself am not or will never be a person for this lifestyle, but I do read it. The things is in order for me to like it, it has to be hot I have to feel comfortable reading it or I will not like it. I hope this helps you in deciding to try any BDSM books that I've read and enjoyed.

My first book by this author and it sure won’t be the last because I really enjoyed her writing style. This is for light to Medium BDSM lovers that loves a hot shifter read with a hot ménage that includes anal play and sex with two extremely hot men.

BDSM includes, spanking, bondage, making with claws on skin and a belt being used in various ways, one I would have never dreamed of. Mentioned of whips and other devices that is being played out in the club.

I really like the little mystery added to the story, I was as clueless as Estelle was LOL. I enjoyed reading the hero and heroine, but I also felt like they could have had a bit more time together before it all ended.

I recommend this novella to anyone who wants a quick very hot read.