Jungle Freakn' Bride

Jungle Freakn' Bride - Eve Langlais LMBO…. Leave it to Eve, to throw a woman in the middle of the jungle, have two men that don’t speak English kidnap her, then get her all sexually frustrated and do nothing. This story was just too funny! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time and believe me I needed it.

The characters are really well suited for each other. I really loved the bartering between Acat and Charlie, it made the story feel so real. Plus it goes to show you, don’t expect an America woman to just roll over and submit to the jungle ways. With Acat the dominate and Chaob the beta, they both work their magic in keeping their wild American woman all to themselves. You get m/f/m sex, with anal, so beware for a smoking hot time.

Eve has gone full blown novel nowadays, so you really get to go deeper into the story and characters. I personally love it as she doesn’t know how long I have been waiting for her to really expand her stories. I recommend this to anyone who loves a sexy, downright funny romance.