Dragon Heat

Dragon Heat - Ella J. Phoenix Ella, delivers a dragon and vampire love story like no other out there today. Zoricah is not only a dragon, but she is also a demigoddess, so you get the addition of mythology added with the story. The author added a lot of imagination in the world building and she brings you a lot of great characters that you’ll want to keep reading years to come.
Tardieh is a hot vampire and Zoircah is really neat with her dragon shifting and her demigoddess abilities. So be prepared for a really strong heroine.

If you like your PRN’s on the darker side you’ll love this one, the villain is very evil. He does torcher his victims in cruel ways, so be warned.

My only downside was with this being a novella I lost the connection between Tardieh and Zoricah, the spark was there during the Prelude but when Zoricah came back to Tardieh for help I didn’t feel that spark again. I think it was because there is so much world build, action and different characters that it just overshadowed the spark between them. The sex is hot but I look for a good spark and connection between the main characters. You can’t expect everything in a novella and with the story being so different and good I can’t really low ball this book because of a spark between characters. I feel the next book will be totally different and as you can read in this story there is some very heated sparks flying between the next couple already, so I’m definitely looking forward to their book. This also reminds me the H/h gets a HEA but there is a cliffhanger at the end that will leave you wanting the next book A.S.A.P.

I recommend this to any PNR fans that likes their books on the darker side and with plenty of action and a great world build.