Manataka - Ella J. Phoenix The author of Manataka takes you back through Native American history and adds a really neat paranormal lore to the tribe. I received the re-edited version and noticed a couple of issues, but they are not bad enough to pick on. What I look for when reviewing is the story flow, world building etc. I did enjoy reading the characters and the Native American folklore. The biggest problems I had with this book is there is no romance built or spark between Chloe or Mason and I really wished the author would have explained why the tribe had these different paranormal powers. I basically felt like the Native American history took over and the paranormal elements were placed on the back burner. I wanted something different than just history. I wanted the magical touch of the powers that this tribe had, why they had the powers and how they used the powers to their benefit.

As for the romance well, you can create two characters, but there needs to be a spark between them at the beginning so the romance can build as the story develops. You don’t have to have sex in the story for it to be considered a romance, but you do have to have the characters connected in some way so you know they are meant to be together. I know the author wrote Chloe as Adsila reincarnated and I felt that spark between Adsila and Mason at the beginning of the story, but I never felt that spark carried over to Chloe and Mason. I needed it because despite the fact Chloe is Adsila reincarnated, Chloe is still her own person.

If you see any reviews saying this is erotica please don’t listen. This is a tastefully written romance book with one sex scene.

The plot is really neat and I really did like the reincarnation between Chole and Adsila. I also felt the author did excellent work on the history of the Native Americas. So, if you’re a lover of Native American history and you like to read about reincarnations then you should give this story a try.