Wickedest Witch

Wickedest Witch - Eve Langlais What do you get when you mix a sexy hot headed shape-shifter cat and a truly wicked witch? A dangerously steamy romance! I found this book full of humor and exciting to read. Eve published this a few years ago as a short story I loved it then and I love it even more now that a few more thousands words has been added. Eve took this book from 57 pg. to 207 pgs., so if you found the first book way too short for your liking, then please by all means try the new version.

Evangaline, is so wicked she turned her last lover into a rat. But she can’t help being so wicked. You see she is a decedent from Rasputin, so you know she has to live up to the wicked standard Mwahahahaahhaha.

Ryker is huge hot shape shifter. He has one problem most when who see him find him so domineering they faint just at the sight of him .When Ryker and his cat meet this wicked witch he just can’t resist this fireball especially when he sees all the curves she has without her glamour. When these two stubborn hot heads gets an assignment together there is nothing to stop the intense sexual tension that is between them. Just remember these two are stubborn so you get an excellent laugh your butt off chase between these two.

I recommend this to anyone who loves a good humors adventure.