Ultimate Sacrifice

Ultimate Sacrifice - Pauline Holyoak Merryweather Lodge is a trilogy that borders a lot of different genres, from thriller to romance. From the first book we have followed Emily down a scary road of battling her evil ancestor the Druid priestess Merhia, we thought it was over with in the second book but nope, Merhia is still demanding on getting her revenge.

Ultimate Sacrifice is another edge of your seat read. My only downside was the use of the child Abby, I just can’t hack a child being used by any evil spirit. Other than that the story was great, it held my attention in many ways. I loved the characters and I loved that I got to follow Emily from teen to adult. I also have to give kudos to the author because Emily is very young when this series started out so the author had to write this character as she grew. I think she did an awesome job because you can really tell the changes in her character in each book.

This time around Emily finds out a lot more about the past of her Auntie when Skye offers to put Auntie Em under hypnosis. I’ll just say this hypnosis gives a lot of insight and it really ties everything together. As things unravel from the past things are starting to heat up as Marhia, is yet again preparing to stake claim to Jonathan.
I recommend this series to anyone who loves a good edge of your seat thriller with the addition of paranormal.

A good ending for a great trilogy.
Copy provided by author in exchanged for an honest review.